Endgame poster

Staged in March 2004 @ RCS Netherwood Theatre, Rothesay, NB
Staged in April 2004 @ Memorial Hall, UNB, Fredericton, NB

Hamm – Robert Moore
Clov – Scott Shannon
Nagg – Christopher Stacey
Nell – Alicia McLaughlin

Director – Robert Moore
Stage Manager – Christina Pickford

Produced with the help of the Lorenzo Society, UNBSJ

To read a review of the production, please click here.

Hamm Bare interior. Grey light … Centre, in an armchair on castors, covered with an old sheet, Hamm.

Hamm: Can there be misery — (he yawns) — loftier than mine? No doubt. Formerly. But now? (Pause) Hamm in chair.

Hamm's eyes Hamm: Did you ever see my eyes?
Clov: No.
Hamm: Did you never have the curiosity, while I was sleeping, to take off my glasses and look at my eyes?
Clov: Pulling back the lids? (Pause.) No.
Hamm: One of these days I’ll show them to you. (Pause.) It seems they’ve gone all white. (Pause.) What time is it?
Clov: The same as usual.

Nagg: (soft). Do you hear him? A heart in his head! (He chuckles cautiously).
Nell: One mustn’t laugh at those things, Nagg. Why must you always laugh at them?
Nagg: Not so loud!
Nell: (without lowering her voice). Nothing is funnier than unhappiness, I grant you that. But —
Nagg: (shocked). Oh!
Nell: Yes, yes, it’s the most comical thing in the world. And we laugh, we laugh, with a will, in the beginning. But it’s always the same thing. Yes, it’s like the funny story we have heard too often, we still find it funny, but we don’t laugh any more.
Nell and Nagg

Old wall! Hamm: Take me for a little turn. (Clov goes behind the chair and pushes it forward.) Not too fast! (Clov pushes chair.) Right round the world! (Clov pushes chair.) I was right in the centre, wasn’t I?
Clov: (pushing). Yes.
Hamm: We’d need a proper wheel-chair. With big wheels. Bicycle wheels! (Pause.) Are you hugging?
Clov: (pushing). Yes.
Hamm: (groping for wall). It’s a lie! Why do you lie to me
Clov: (bearing closer to wall). There! There!
Hamm: Stop! (Clov stops chair close to back wall. Hamm lays his hand against wall.) Old wall! (Pause.) Beyond is the…other hell. (Pause. Violently.) Closer! Closer! Up against!

Clov: (Enter Clov with alarm-clock. He holds it against Hamm’s ear and releases alarm. They listen to it ringing to the end. Pause.) Fit to wake the dead! Did you hear it?
Hamm: Vaguely.
Clov: The end is terrific!
Hamm: I prefer the middle.
Ring the alarm

Let us pray to God.
Hamm: … Let us pray to God.
Clov: Again!
Nagg: Me sugar-plum!
Hamm: God first! (Pause.) Are you right?
Clov: (resigned). Off we go.
Hamm: (to Nagg). And you?
Nagg: (clasping his hands, closing his eyes, in a gabble). Our Father which art —
Hamm: Silence! In silence! Where are your manners (Pause.) Off we go. (Attitudes of paryer. Silence. Abandoning his attitude, discouraged.) Well?
Clov: (abandoning his attitude). What a hope! And you?
Hamm: Sweet damn all! (To Nagg.) And you?
Nagg: Wait! (Pause. Abandoning his attitude.) Nothing doing!
Hamm: The bastard! He doesn’t exist!
Clov: Not yet.
Nagg: Me sugar-plum!
Hamm: There are no more sugar-plums!

Nagg: I hope the day will come when you’ll really need to have me listen to you, and need to hear my voice, any voice. (Pause.) Yes, I hope I’ll live till then, to hear you calling me like when you were a tiny boy, and were frightened, in the dark, and I was your only hope. (Pause. Nagg knocks on lid of Nell’s bin. Pause.) Nell! (Pause. He knocks louder. Pause. Louder.) Nell! (Pause. Nagg sinks back into his bin, closes the lid behind him.) Father of Hamm


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