This Is A Play (2010)

This Is A Henry poster

Staged in April 2010 @ Memorial Hall, UNB, Fredericton, NB
Staged in May 2010 @ SJHS Mini-Theatre, Saint John, NB

Older Female Actor – Julie MacDonald
Female Actor – Jen McVicar
Male Actor – Matthew Spinney
Composer (Voice) – Robert Moore

Director – Scott Shannon
Technical Director – Michael Holmes-Lauder
Light Tech – Dave MacDonald (Fredericton)
Light Tech – SJHS Tech Crew (Saint John)
Poster and Logo design – Alberto White

This show was staged as part of an evening of two one-act plays by MacIvor; it was preceded by Here Lies Henry.

Originally staged in April 2007 with
a slightly different cast/crew

Read our rehearsal notes taken during Feb-May 2010 >>>

The Daily Gleaner – Live It section article >>>

Photos by Michael Holmes-Lauder

Male Actor: I speak as if entranced because that’s what the script says I should do. I talk about my dead brother and his death-bed message about a woman named Auntie.
Now I’m supposed to cry about my brother. Of course I myself never had a brother and so I use the Uta Hagen Substitution Method which I heard those two talking about last week.
I’m trying to substitute my dead cousin but I never liked my cousin and I’d rather substitute Misther Whiskers my cat who died, but it seems kind of dumb to substitute a cat for a person (growing emotional) …
… but I guess the point of it is not if it’s a cat or an armadillo or whatever just that it’s somebody you wish never went away … (weeping) … I miss you Mister Whiskers.

She won't cry

Hint of a secret

And more exposition

Each of us alone

Yet a group

Here we stand


Middle of an argument

Older Female Actor: Fascinatingly, the scene begins in the middle of an argument.

Male Actor: I say something I don’t understand.

Female Actor: I say something he doesn’t understand.

Older Female Actor: I say something that makes sense of what they said and I manage to make the line funny even though it is not.

I take all the focus now ...

Female Actor: I take all the focus now, you drink me in, I tentatively at first, begin to try not to cry, holding it back, holding it back, holding it back, I don’t want to cry, I don’t want to cry, holding back, holding back, (weeping theatrically) but the tears rush forward and words roll out which explain the argument we were just having and …

Each of us alone

Older Female Actor: Here we stand.

Male Actor: Each of us alone.

Female Actor: Yet a group.

Male Actor: I find my light.

A lettuce

Female Actor: I fix my hair.

Male Actor: We do our best to muster meaning in this pause.

Female Actor: I make a statement which seems somewhat out of character thus indicating a change.

Older Female Actor: So do I.

Male Actor: So do I.

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