Monster by Daniel MacIvor

Staged in May 2011
@ Memorial Hall, Fredericton, NB

Re-staged August 14 2011
– billed as ‘A Travelling Monster – ONE DAY ONLY’
@2pm BMO Rehearsal Hall (SJTC Building), Saint John, NB
@8pm Charlotte St. Arts Centre Auditorium, Fredericton, NB

Janine & Al
Al’s Dad & Mom
Joe (+ Murray + Denise + Aaron + the friendly dwarf)
AA Group (Ron + David + Tina w/Joe + Al)
Jerry Buster Foster – Scott Shannon (all characters)

Director & Technical Design – Nicholas Cole
Poster Design by Alberto White

Read our rehearsal notes taken during April-May & August 2011 >>>


See the Congress Experiencee site for an interview with Nick & Scott:
Nasty Shadows Explore Nature of Evil in Monster >>>

… and listen below to an audio clip from the show!

Scott Shannon doesn't look like a scary guy
(Photo by Diane Cole)

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HERE magazine:
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The Daily Gleaner – Live It section:
Nasty Shadows Theatre Company presents Monster >>>

Photos by Diane Cole

Adam on discipline

Discipline. But there’s no discipline these days, well between absent parents and child-centred-child rearing, there’s no discipline. So what happens? The kids run wild! Or they just sit around on their cans all day doing nothing. There’s nothing to do. There’s nothing to do. Read a book. Clean your room. There’s nothing to do. Say your prayers.

Monty talks about the torture

… and with the hacksaw he cuts off Mr. Boyle’s finger from the tip of the finger to the second joint, just like that in two pieces. And then he takes this blowtorch and with this blowtorch he uses it to cauterize the wind, to stop the bleeding — which he saw on this weird science show on cable, which we all saw right, you only needed cable to see it, they talk about violence on television what about science on television.

B-boy The Movie

Are you sorry for that finger that always pointed out my mistakes, are you sorry for that thumb that never said things would be okay, are you sorry for that hand that never helped me up?

Joe talks to the group

… and partly because I realized that when you’re down there in the dirt, in the mud, in the shit — all anybody cares about down there is themselves and screw you and what’s in it for me, and that’s not where I wanted to be anymore, ya know what I’m saying, so I quit everything.

David cries

I just want to say that I’m feeling really good, and I’m feeling really strong, and I’m feeling really … feeling. And that’s something I haven’t felt in a real long time and I’d just like to say that I have each of you to thank for that … and myself. (He cries.) I’m sorry, I didn’t want to cry. (He cries.) Thanks sorry that’s all thanks.

Adam speaks about Al

That poor bastard. He’s trying so hard — that’s what he’d say, “I’m trying so hard” — but I mean, you look at him and what do you see? A guy who can’t help alienating everyone everytime he opens his mouth. He hates his job. He has no friends. He’s mean to his girlfriend and doesn’t respect her enough to leave her. But underneath it all Al is special. Of course, aren’t we all.

It was real

Shut up! It was real. It was so real. Action motivated by desire to destroy — you love that stuff! You’re suckers for it. It appeals to your dark side.

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