Play /
The Dumb Waiter

Staged in October 2010 @ Memorial Hall, UNB, Fredericton, NB
Staged in November 2010 @ SJHS Mini-Theatre, Saint John, NB

W1 – Becky Forbes
W2 – Rebekah Chassé
M – Scott Shannon

Director Scott Shannon
Technical Director / Light Tech – Michael Holmes-Lauder
Light Director – Matthew Spinney
Tech crew – SJHS Tech Crew (Saint John)
Poster and Logo design – Alberto White

This show was staged as part of 2 Plays/1 Evening; it was preceded by Harold Pinter’s The Dumb Waiter (2010).

Read our rehearsal notes taken during Sept-Nov 2010 >>>


Read about the productions in the October 11/2010 issue of The Daily Gleaner – Live It section:
Company offers theatre with a slightly different flavour

Photos by Michael Holmes-Lauder

Three identical urns

Front centre, touching one another, three identical grey urns (see page 319) about one yard high. From each a head protrudes, the neck held fast in the urn’s mouth. The heads are those, from left to right as seen from auditorium, of W2, M and W1. They face undeviatingly front throughout the play. Face so lost to age and aspect as to seem almost part of urns. But no masks.

Play - All 3

Their speech is provoked by a spotlight projected on faces alone (see page 318).

The transfer of light from one face to another is immediate. No blackout, i.e. return to almost complete darkness of opening, except where indicated.

The response to light is immediate.

Faces impassive throughout. Voices toneless except where an expression is indicated

Rapid tempo throughout.


Faint spots simlultaneously on three faces. Three seconds. Voices faint, largely unintelligible.


W2: Yes, perhaps, a shade gone, I suppose, some might say, poor thing, a shade gone, just a shade, in the head–[Faint wild laugh.]–just a shade, but I doubt it, I doubt it, not really, I’m all right, still all right, do my best, all I can–


M: Yes, peace, one assumed, all out, all the pain, all as if … never been, it will come–[Hiccup.]–pardon, no sense in this, oh I know … none the less, one assumed, peace … I mean … not merely all over, but as if … never been–


W1: Yes, strange, darkness best, and the darker the worse, till all dark, then all well, for the time, but it sill come, the time will come, the thing is there, you’ll see it, get off me, keep off me, all dark, all still, all over, wiped out–

Spots off. Blackout. Five seconds.

She smelled the rat

[Spot from W2 to M]

M: We were not long together when she smelled the rat. Give up that whore, she said, or I’ll cut my throat–[Hiccup.] pardon–so help me God. I knew she could have no proof. So I told her I did not know what she was talking about.

[Spot from M to W2]

Give up whom?

W2: What are you talking about? I said, stitching away. Someone yours? Give up whom? I smell you off him, she screamed, he stinks of bitch.

[Spot from W2 to W1]

No shadow of proof

W1: Though I had him dogged for months by a first-rate man, no shadow of proof was forthcoming. And there was no denying that he continued as … assiduous as ever. This, and his horror of the merely Platonic thing, made me sometimes wonder if I were not accusing him unjustly. Yes.

[Spot from W1 to M]

More restful

[Spot from W1 to M]

W2: To say I am not disappointed, no, I am. I had anticipated something better. More restful.

[Spot from W2 to W1]


[Spot from W2 to W1]

W1: Is it that I do not tell the truth, is that it, that some day somehow I may tell the truth at last and then no more light at last, for the truth?

[Spot from W1 to W2]


[Spot from W2 to M]

M: Perhaps they meet, and sit, over a cup of that green tea they both so loved, without milk or sugar not even a squeeze of lemon–

[Spot from M to W2]

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