The Dumb Waiter (2010)

Play /
The Dumb Waiter

Staged in October 2010 @ Memorial Hall, UNB, Fredericton, NB
Staged in November 2010 @ SJHS Mini-Theatre, Saint John, NB

Gus – Matthew Spinney
Ben – Andrew Jones

Director – Scott Shannon
Technical Design – Michael Holmes-Lauder
Dumb waiter operator – Annick Noel (Fredericton)
Dumb waiter operator – SJHS Tech Crew (Saint John)
Poster and Logo design – Alberto White

This show was staged as part of 2 Plays/1 Evening; it was followed by Samuel Beckett’s Play.

Original production took place in December 2008.

Read our rehearsal notes taken during Sept-Nov 2010 >>>


Read about the productions in the October 11/2010 issue of The Daily Gleaner – Live It section:
Company offers theatre with a slightly different flavour

Photos by Michael Holmes-Lauder

The room

Shoe laces

Gus tries to tie his laces

Gus is still trying ...

Ben reads the paper

Talking about matches begins

Red too. Don't even need a box.

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