This page contains rehearsal notes and thoughts from a past production’s rehearsal process:

HOUSE @Fundy Fringe Festival - SJAC - Aug 20th-24th

HOUSE @Fundy Fringe Festival
SJAC – Aug 20th-24th


HOUSE (2018)
by Daniel MacIvor
Rehearsed and staged with the following SHADOWS:

Director/Technical Director – Michael Holmes-Lauder

Nasty Shadows originally staged House in 2008, and then revived the show 10 years later in the fall of 2018.

Summer 2019 finds the Shadows playing HOUSE in the Miramichi (MRC Theatre Festival) and in Saint John (Fundy Fringe Festival).

This current production builds off the recent revival but also incorporates a newly updated script provided by Daniel MacIvor.

Read our rehearsal notes taken during Fall 2018 >>>

HOUSE Notes – July 16 2019

Always interesting to revisit a script, with the lessons learned from the previous venture(s) and the thrill of performing what must be a script worth coming back to … right? Certainly! House, like many/most of MacIvor’s scripts uses a language that seems simple upon first blush, but his control and choice of words, ideas expressed by those words, and the way it all mashes together in the performance is something I rarely find in other scripts. I am so grateful to have been steered in the direction of MacIvor’s work — which was only 12 years ago or so. His plays fill me with a joy and wonder for life and its performance.

I am also grateful for the chance to play ‘Victor’ again, perhaps for the last time … last fall the character’s hardship really resonated more so than it did 10 years ago when we first performed the show. He’s a sad guy … trying to live a good life … but it’s life that offers him the chance to perform and tell his tale. Beautiful

Really looking forward to playing in Miramichi for the first time, and bring the show back to Saint John but inside the Fundy Fringe festivities! ‘Victor’ LOVES a room full of people!


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