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This Is A Play ā€“ Julie MacDonald

written by Daniel MacIvor

Julie MacDonald – ‘Older Female Actor’

Julie MacDonald as Older Female Actor in This Is A Play

Julie MacDonald as Older Female Actor in
This Is A Play (2010)

Julie MacDonald on set for A STORY JONES

Julie MacDonald on set for A STORY JONES

Julie MacDonald as 'Miranda 2' in ROUGHER MAGIC

Julie MacDonald as ‘Miranda 2’


“Relax. You know me. Iā€™m the older, but still attractive, female actor; wise and gruff and charming, rough around the edges but soft on the inside. I am a mother image for the playwright, but a more perfect mother, not like his own who never really understood his delicate artistic sensibilities.”


  • This Is A Play (2007)
    — ‘Older Female Actor’
  • Marion Bridge – ‘Agnes’
  • This Is A Play (2010)
    — ‘Older Female Actor’
  • The Art of Success – ‘Mrs. Needham’
  • Rougher Magic: A cubist Shakespeare
    — ‘Miranda 2’
  • This Is A Play (2019)
    — ‘Older Female Actor’
    (In development)

  • A Story Jones – ‘Liv’ / Stage Manager
  • Julie MacDonald has been in New Brunswick since 1984, and a Shadow since bringing ‘Older Female Actor’ to life in her first Nasty production, This Is A Play — staged in 2007 & again in 2010 (and now, once again in 2019!). Playing ‘Agnes’ in MacIvor’s Marion Bridge was a fitting role for her as she lived the first half of her life (thus far) in Ontario and was born in Toronto. Mother of 2, Scott and Monica, Julie works and lives in Fredericton. Since graduating from Arts with a Theatre Minor in 2006, where Julie performed in several shows with Theatre UNB, she has also acted with Theatre Free Radical (Free/Fall @ the 2004 Toronto Fringe; I Am Yours in Fredericton, 2006). 2012 found her as the brothel manager, ‘Mrs. Needham’, in that year’s fall production of The Art of Success. Julie’s portrayal of ‘Miranda 2’ in Rougher Magic: A cubist Shakespeare — the first female to bring the role to the stage — offered a feminine depth heretofore unseen in this character. For last fall’s production of the Shadow grown A Story Jones, Julie stepped off the stage to help us as the show’s Stage Manager; she had a history in the development of that work as well work-shopping the role of ‘Liv’ in an early 4-character incarnation of the script, and this character eventually merged with another named ‘Viv’ to create the current part of ‘Vic’ in the show.

    The Shadows are thrilled to have Julie back on stage this fall to reprise the role of ‘Older Female Actor’ in MacIvor’s hilarious Canadian classic This Is A Play (2019); it’s so wonderful to see the fantastic portrayal she creates of this character. Julie brings an honesty on/off the stage that welcomes both the audience and Shadows alike, and the Company is happy that integrity is part of our work.

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