MacIvor’s Season Continues

We carry forward in the Spring of 2010 with more work from Canada’s premiere playwright, Daniel MacIvor. Marion Bridge began the season this past Fall, and the following shows find us celebrating Spring in fine theatrical form.

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This Is A Play / Here Lies Henry Fredericton: April 15th-17th
Saint John: May 7th-8th


Daniel MacIvor’s


Performed by Scott Shannon
Directed by Matthew Spinney


Performed by Julie MacDonald, Jen McVicar & Matthew Spinney (+ the voice of Robert Moore)
Directed by Scott Shannon

Technical Direction by
Michael Holmes-Lauder
Poster Design by Alberto White


May 7th-8th (Fri-Sat)
Saint John High School Mini-Theatre (Canterbury St. entrance)
Tickets available at the door.
$12/adult; $8/student
Curtain time is 8pm.

April 15th-17th (Thurs-Sat)
Memorial Hall – UNB Campus
Tickets available at the door.
$12/adult; $8/student
Curtain time is 8pm.

With thanks to TheatreUNB for their support.

Here Lies Henry

Please visit our production pages to see Michael Holmes-Lauder’s photos from our Fredericton run!

This Is A Play photos
Here Lies Henry photos

This Is A Play

It's a ...

Read about the productions in the April 5th issue of The Daily Gleaner – Live It section.

... double bill


Here Lies Henry

If you’ve ever dreamt of being naked in front of a crowd of strangers … come see Henry. If you have ever given a speech but not had time to prepare, forgotten a punch-line, if you have ever bent the truth (even just a little) … come see Henry. With the promise of life, love and laughter, with the promise of the stage (and all the magic therein) … Here Lies Henry is more than just a treat to experience; it is an eye opening treatise on the art of lying and the nature of truth itself. We hope you can make it out.

This Is A Play

When you watch a play a world is created for you full of stories and characters. However, to find yourself listening in on the thoughts of the actors as they move about on stage can be mildly unsettling, startlingly revealing, and uproariously hilarious! Exposed to the turmoil of each actor’s inner thoughts, the evening’s true story will rise to the surface and you will discover why This Is A Play.


Daniel MacIvor is an award winning Canadian playwright/actor/director. Born in Cape Breton he has been creating new theatre since 1986. For 20 years MacIvor was the artistic director of his own company, da da kamera. He continues to create new theatre, and also works in film. In 2006 MacIvor won the Governor General’s award for Drama for his collection of plays I Still Love You, and he was the 2008 recipient of the Siminovitch Prize in Theatre, Canada’s largest theatre award. His most recent play, Communion, recently debuted at the Tarragon Theatre in Toronto.

Official Daniel MacIvor web site.

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email –
phone – 476-6049

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