The Art Of Success


Follow painter William Hogarth’s drunken-journey
of artistic-debauchery over the course of
one night in 1730s London, England!

Playwright Nick Dear takes us on a whirlwind excursion through the extremes of artistic expression – both verbally and in the action of the characters – as he conflates/twists 1730s England with modern notions of good/bad, fun/wicked, art/pornography. Sex-crazed William Hogarth is a painter looking to make a quick buck, but the copiers are undermining his ability to make any money at his art. He plots a scheme to publish a sketch of famed laundress turned murderess, Sarah Sprackling – meanwhile his playwright pal, Harry (Henry) Fielding, has other ideas that concern destabilizing the government through theatrical means, but Hogarth isn’t keen on that. After all, perhaps Prime Minister Robert Walpole can help William’s artistic career? If only William could focus on his career rather than the depraved habits of his favourite prostitute, Louisa. And let’s just say William’s wife, Jane, has some concerns of her own regarding her husband’s private bedroom matters. William is in for one long night in this sex-obsessed and frequently crude English comedy … ADULTS ONLY, PLEASE … would be our suggestion …


TNB Studio Theatre (55 Whiting Road – Unit 31)
— Industrial Park – 6 minute drive from downtown! —
Oct 26th-28th (Fri-Sun) @8pm nightly


Saint John High School Mini-Theatre (Canterbury St. entrance)
Nov 2nd-3rd (Fri-Sat) @8pm nightly

Tickets available at the door: $15/regular; $10/student

Jane Hogarth – Josie Blackmore
William Hogarth – Matthew Spinney
Harry (Henry) Fielding – Ian Goff
Frank – Jake Martin
Oliver – Michael Holmes-Lauder
Mrs. Needham – Julie MacDonald
Louisa – Katie Malone
Sarah Sprackling – Elizabeth Goodyear
Robert Walpole – Andrew Jones
Queen Caroline – Clarissa Hurley

Director – Scott Shannon

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