Rougher Magic creates an ‘Ariel’


Michael Holmes-Lauder as ‘Chael’ in The Table Experiments

Michael Holmes-Lauder as ‘Chael’
in The Table Experiments

Michael Holmes-Lauder as 'Orestes' in Orestes 2.1

Michael Holmes-Lauder as ‘Orestes’
in Orestes 2.1


  • House – Technical Director
  • The Dumb Waiter (2008 & 2010)
    — Technical Director
  • Orestes 2.1 – ‘Orestes’
  • Marion Bridge – Light Tech
  • This Is A Play (2010) – Technical Director
  • Here Lies Henry – Technical Director
  • Play – Technical Director
  • The Table Experiments – ‘Chael’
  • Tooth of Crime (2nd Dance)
    — Projection design/ Assistant Technical Director
  • The Art of Success – ‘Oliver’
  • Rougher Magic: A cubist Shakespeare – ‘Ariel’
  • Michael Holmes-Lauder has played with Nasty Shadows a number of times over the years, lending his considerable multifarious talents both on/off-stage. Some behind-the-scenes work by Michael helped make these shows possible: This Is A Play, Here Lies Henry, Play, having begun his Nasty work with 2008’s productions of House and The Dumb Waiter. On stage, Michael was see in the spring 2009 production of Orestes 2.1 as the title character, and was part of the cast that helped create Scott Shannon‘s The Table Experiments in spring 2011. Some other highlights of his theatrical career include work with Theatre UNB, TNB, Saint John Shakespeare, Bard in the Barracks, NBActs, and others. Michael has proven to be an invaluable Shadow in all the theatrically Nasty areas you can imagine — the Company is lucky to exploit his talents.

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