Action – Annick Blizzard

ACTION written by Sam Shepard

Annick Blizzard – ‘Lupe’

Annick Blizzard as 'Vic' & in A STORY JONES

Annick Blizzard as ‘Vic’ & in A STORY JONES

Annick Blizzard as 'Vic' in A STORY JONES

Annick Blizzard as ‘Vic’ in A STORY JONES


“I can remember the last time I got scared. I thought I’d poisoned myself. I thought I’d eaten something. I imagined it working its way into me. I went outside in my bare feet and forced myself to throw up. It was that kind of a night.”


  • The Dumb Waiter (2008 & 2010)
    — “the dumb waiter” operator
  • A Story Jones – ‘Vic’
  • Action – ‘Lupe’

  • A Beautiful View – ‘L’
    (In development)

  • A Story Jones – ‘Vic’
  • Annick Blizzard has been involved in the theatre and film community in Fredericton since 2006. While her passion for acting started at Theatre UNB as a student in productions such as Travesties (TUNB) and Doc (TUNB), she has most recently dabbled as a film actress appearing in films such as Broke (Columbus Avenue Pictures), Cabby (Steam Powered Studios), Friend Zone (Sparrowhock Productions) and Entropic (Frictive Pictures). She recently wrote and directed her first short film, When We Were Young. She is thrilled to return to the stage with Nasty Shadows having last played with the company from an unseen position as “the dumb waiter” in our 2008 & 2010 stagings of Harold Pinter’s The Dumb Waiter.

    Annick is a welcome addition our Shadow world, bringing her talents into the rehearsal room as a NEW energy was a welcome spirit — we don’t play with new Shadows often, but she proved herself invaluable during the rehearsal process for A Story Jones, and it’s great to have her back playing again this fall in something completely different as the role of ‘Lupe’. Also thrilled to have Annick playing again this Spring 2020 when the Shadows stage MacIvor’s A Beautiful View.

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