A succesful run ended!

Well, the run of Geography Of A Horse Dreamer finished and went off well…the show changed a bit over the short 3 night run, with some new tech components added by night #2, the cast settling into the space, and one of our actors breaking his rib at the end of the 2nd night, but coming out to endure the pain for night #3!

There should hopefully be some production photos added in the near future, along with some archival photos of past productions.

Congratulations to Michael Robichaud! Michael was the winner of 2 free tickets to the show from a draw we had at the Boyce Farmer’s Market the Saturday before opening.

We are planning to remount this show in the early Fall, so if you missed it this time hopefully you will have a chance to see it next time around. The Fall run should find us staging the production in both Fredericton and Saint John. Stay tuned for details.

The late Fall may also find us staging some other pieces…so, if you are interested in some engaging actor-driven theatre, please be sure to visit us online here again for future developments.

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