Nasty Shadows Theatre Co. stages Sam Shepard play

Nasty Shadows Theatre Co. Presents
Sam Shepard’s
Geography Of A Horse Dreamer (A Mystery In Two Acts)
Thursday, May 22nd – Saturday, May 24th @ 8pm nightly in Memorial Hall, UNB, Fredericton
Tickets available at the door: $10/adult ; $7/student

“Increasingly recognized as one of the more significant dramatists in the English-speaking world.” —Charles R. Bachman, Modern Drama

“Sam Shepard fills the role of professional playwright as a good ballet dancer or acrobat fulfills his role in performance. That is, he always delivers, he executes feats of dexterity and technical difficulty that an untrained person could not, and makes them seem easy.” —Michael Feingold, The Village Voice

Sam Shepard is the Pulitzer Prize–winning author of more than forty-five plays.

Geography Of A Horse Dreamer is the story of Cody, a dreamer. He’s being held hostage by two would-be gangsters, Santee and Beaujo, because he dreams the winners at the horse races and their eccentric boss gets rich from the betting. At the start of the play, however, we find Cody in the midst of “The Slump” in a lowclass hotel room, handcuffed to the bed with no chance to escape, his luck seemingly run out. With the arrival of the boss, Fingers, and his mysterious employ, The Doctor, Cody is pulled further and further into a very strange world where neckbones are carried as good luck charms – he needs to find a way out…and fast.

The players, consisting of UNB/STU alumni and faculty, are Nicholas Cole, Mike Coughlan, Andrew Estabrooks, Len Falkenstein, Andrew Jones, Robert Moore, Matthew Spinney and Jordan Trethewey. The production is directed by Scott Shannon.

Nasty Shadows Theatre Co. was founded in the Summer of 1999. While working with small groups of actors and technicians from both Fredericton and/or Saint John, one of the Company’s main goals has been to provide audiences in both cities with thought-provoking, intimate, and immediate theatrical creations with a focus on stripped down/minimalistic productions.

With thanks to TheatreUNB for their support.

Comments/questions/information contact Scott Shannon
email –
phone – 476-6049

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  1. Hope all went well on Thursday!
    “Break a leg” on Saturday. Hope to get to the Saturday performance.

  2. nastyshadows

    Well, I guess I “stole” it…I thought of the image more like an avatar or something, and thought the web was free game for finding one…should I remove it?

  3. Cool header dude. Did you make that or steal it?

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