Staging An Evening of One-Act Plays

Nasty Shadows Theatre Co. will be staging an evening of one-act plays to run in Saint John and Fredericton as follows:

House by Daniel MacIvor running in Saint John

House by Daniel MacIvor running in Saint John

The Dumb Waiter

by Harold Pinter
Performed by Andrew Jones & Matthew Spinney
Directed by Scott Shannon


by Daniel MacIvor
Performed by Scott Shannon
Directed by Robert Moore

The Dumb Waiter & House run in Fredericton.

The Dumb Waiter & House run in Fredericton.


November 28th-29th (Thurs-Sat)
Hazen Hall Lecture Theatre
UNBSJ Campus
Tickets available at the door.
Curtain time is 8pm.

FREDERICTON: The Dumb Waiter and House
December 3rd-5th (Wed-Fri)
Charlotte St. Arts Centre Auditorium (2nd Floor)
732 Charlotte Street
Tickets available at the door.
$10/adult; $8/student
Curtain time is 8pm.

With thanks to TheatreUNB for their support.

The Dumb Waiter

by Harold Pinter

The story of two men waiting in a basement for further instruction about the “job”. Questions and tensions mount as they continue to wait:
Gus: Eh, I’ve been meaning to ask you.
Ben: What the hell is it now?
Gus: Why did you stop the car this morning, in the middle of that road?
Ben: (lowering paper) I thought you were asleep?
Gus: I was, but I woke up when you stopped. You did stop, didn’t you?

Harold Pinter is a world famous playwright and has been making theatre since the 1950s. He has also certainly made his mark in the world of film and acting. Pinter won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2005 and the Swedish Academy cited him for being “generally regarded as the foremost representative of British drama in the second half of the 20th century.”

Official Harold Pinter web site.


by Daniel MacIvor

“My mother is possessed by the devil. My father is the saddest man in the world. My sister is in love with a dog. The one I love does not love me and I got no place to live.” House is a stand up sit down one man comedy nightmare about Victor, a man on the edge.

Daniel MacIvor is an award winning Canadian playwright/actor/director. Born in Cape Breton he has been creating new theatre since 1986. For 20 years MacIvor was the artistic director of his own company, da da kamera. He continues to create new theatre, and also works in film. In 2006 MacIvor won the Governor General’s award for Drama for his collection of plays I Still Love You. Also, Daniel MacIvor is this year’s recipient of the $100,000 Elinore & Lou Siminovitch Prize in Theatre, Canada’s largest theatre award, which is awarded to a mid-career playwright, director and designer on a three-year cycle.

Official Daniel MacIvor web site.

Comments/questions/information contact Scott Shannon
email –
phone – 476-6049

Or, leave a comment here on the site.

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  1. Rebekah, thanks very much for your kinds words and for attending. I am very glad you enjoyed the evening.

    We rehearse evenings and weekends since we all have day jobs as well. We generally start a couple of months before and just meet briefly a couple of times a week getting to know the plays and carving out an overall shape of things. This enables the actors to be off book more easily (keep in mind we have day jobs). So we can usually put the scripts down at least 3 weeks or so before we open and thus have plenty of time to get steeped in the play — we figure the overall time we spend probably equals that of a professional company that only spends a few weeks of full day rehearsals before opening. For us the process is very much about the actors relations to one another and then to the audience as well, and so we try to let in handfuls of people to see a few runs before we go live with an actual run.

    I will add your email to our email list for upcoming productions.

    We do not generally have open casting calls. Normally we see people perform around town and approach them for involvement, and so plays are often chosen based on what actors we might have available, rather then picking a play and then trying to find actors that can fill those roles.

    We may have a loose audition session in January at some point to help determine our next project(s), and so if you are interested please keep an eye on our website for an announcement about that, and I will also send something out via the email list.

    Thanks again for your interest and presence at the shows.

  2. Hello,
    I attended the show at the Charlotte St Arts Centre last night and was thoroughly, thoroughly entertained by both productions. Please keep me posted on upcomging projects appearing in Fredericton, and if there are open casting calls for female roles. What is the rehearsal structure for these plays – evening and weekends, or do the actors devote full-time hours to the projects? Just curious because I literally found out about your company yesterday hours before the show. Anyway, I applaud your mandate, because outside of university circles it’s hard to find companies in NB that produce works by authors like McIvor, Pinter, Shepherd, etc.

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