Rougher Magic creates a(nother) ‘Ferdinand’

Ian Murphy plays ‘FERDINAND’

Ian Murphy as Menelaus (w/ Nurse 1) in Orestes 2.1

Ian Murphy as ‘Menelaus’ (w/ Nurse 1)
in Orestes 2.1


  • Orestes 2.1 – ‘Menelaus’
  • Rougher Magic: A cubist Shakespeare
    — ‘Ferdinand’ (2014)
  • Ian Murphy comes back to Nasty Shadows after too long a hiatus, and the Company is thrilled to welcome him back into the Shadow world. Ian’s last (and first) performance with the Shadows was in the Company’s beautifully horrific adaptation/modification Orestes 2.1 back in 2009. During his Shadow absence Ian has been seen on stage around town in a number of roles with various companies: w/NBActs: Heart Shaped Boxes (2009), Christmas Break (2010), The Pugilist (2014); w/Bard In the Barracks: Midsummer Night’s Dream (2009), Macbeth (2010); w/Theatre St. Thomas: People Are Dumb (2010); w/Next Folding: Disintegrate Me (2014). With (this) Ian playing ‘Ferdinand’ the characters on this island of Rougher Magic are now all of a more mature age, as if trapped for years. ‘Ferdinand’ will allow Ian a chance to not only showcase his acting, but some of his musical talents as well, bringing a wonderful compliment to an already stellar cast.

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