Action – Greg Everett

ACTION written by Sam Shepard

Greg Everett – ‘Shooter’

Greg Everett (photo by Caitlin Dutt)

Greg Everett (photo by Caitlin Dutt)


“That’s what I do. I get this feeling I can’t control the situation. Something’s getting out of control. Things won’t work. And then I smash something. I punch something. I scream. Later I find out that my throat is torn. I’ve torn something loose. My voice is hoarse. I’m trembling. My breath is short. My heart’s thumping. I don’t recognize myself.”


  • Action – ‘Shooter’
  • Greg Everett is a Fredericton-based playwright, creator, and oneironaut. His plays Carrion Birds (2018) and Gullywhump (2019) were selected as winners in the one-act category of the NotaBle Acts theatre festival, and he was awarded a Creation Grant through ArtsNB to research and write Written in Marble, Buried in Earth (2019), a site-specific play set in Fredericton’s Old Burial Ground. As an actor, Greg’s recent roles include ‘Balustrade’ in Next Folding Theatre Company’s Songs of the Seer (Fredericton 2018) and ‘Curt Riley’ in Grey Rabbit Theatre Company’s The Host (Saint John 2019).

    Greg is one of a few new Shadows we’re excited to welcome into our world of play for a few reasons. Thrilled Greg and his looming stature are taking on the role of ‘Shooter’ in Sam Shepard’s Action (he is bringing a wonderful honesty to his portrayal), Scott’s also hoping to play with Greg’s writing in the future after witnessing his world of the Gullywhump during NBActs 2019.

    Find Greg online: ; Facebook: @neobrunswick ; IG @gullywhump

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