Action/Play – Michael Holmes-Lauder


Michael Holmes-Lauder – Technical Director / Photographer

Michael Holmes-Lauder as 'Chael' in A STORY JONES

Michael Holmes-Lauder as ‘Chael’ in A STORY JONES

Michael Holmes-Lauder as ‘Chael’ in

Michael Holmes-Lauder is a HIDEOUS MAN

written by Daniel MacIvor

written by Sam Shepard


  • House – Technical Director
  • The Dumb Waiter (2008 & 2010)
    — Technical Director
  • Orestes 2.1 – ‘Orestes’
  • Marion Bridge – Light Tech
  • This Is A Play (2010)
    — Technical Director
  • Here Lies Henry – Technical Director
  • Play – Technical Director
  • The Table Experiments – ‘Chael’
  • Tooth of Crime (2nd Dance)
    — Projection design /
    Assistant Technical Director
  • The Art of Success — ‘Oliver’
  • Rougher Magic: A cubist Shakespeare
    — ‘Ariel’
  • Brief Interviews With Hideous Men
    — Interviews #3, #36 & #40
  • In On It — ‘That One’ / Technical Director
  • House (2018)
    — Director / Technical Director
  • Ohio Impromptu
    — ‘Reader’ / Technical Director
  • Action – Technical Director
    (In development)

  • A Story Jones – ‘Chael’
  • Standing At Opposite Ends Are Ducky & Murdock – ‘Murdock’
  • Michael Holmes-Lauder became an integral part of our Nasty world when he stepped into the Shadows over 10 years ago, in 2008, lending his considerable multifarious talents both on/off-stage in the years since. Some behind-the-scenes work by Michael helped make these shows possible: This Is A Play, Here Lies Henry, Play, having begun his Nasty work with 2008’s productions of House and The Dumb Waiter. On stage, Michael was see in the spring 2009 production of Orestes 2.1 as the title character, and was part of the cast that helped create Scott Shannon‘s The Table Experiments in spring 2011. Some other highlights of his theatrical career include work with Theatre UNB, TNB, Saint John Shakespeare, Bard in the Barracks, NBActs, and others. In the fall of 2014 Michael assaulted audiences with his ‘Ariel’ in Rougher Magic: A cubist Shakespeare, and for Movember 2015 he once again pried into the minds of the audience in the adaptation of Brief Interviews With Hideous Men. In 2017 Michael created one of his most incredible performances playing ‘That One’ in Daniel MacIvor’s In On It. And in the fall of 2018 Michael took on the challenging role of ‘Reader’ in Beckett’s Ohio Impromptu as well as directing the re-staging of House (2018), the show where Michael’s Nasty work began.

    Game to try just about any theatrical thing, Michael has been invaluable in the various explorations into creating new works, from the aforementioned The Table Experiments to last spring’s work on A Story Jones. Stepping back off stage this coming Nasty season, Michael will be at the helm wearing only a single theatrical-hat for the first time in a while: ALWAYS greatful to Michael for his Technical Director work, ideas, and input.

    Michael has proven to be a Shadow influencing the work at a fundamental level in all the theatrically Nasty areas you can imagine — the Company is lucky to exploit his talents.

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