This Is A Play – Robert Moore (voice)

written by Daniel MacIvor

Robert Moore (voice) – ‘Composer’

Robert Moore as Hamm in Endgame

Robert Moore
ROUGHER MAGIC playwright


“But is originality even enough? What about concept? What about content? And how do I know that someone in Berlin or Japan hasn’t created an original score exactly like this original score, making neither original?”


  • A Slight Ache – Director
  • The Loveliest Afternoon Of The Year
    — Director
  • The Zoo Story – Director
  • Cowboys #2 – Director
  • Rougher Magic – Writer / Director
  • Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead
    — Director
  • Endgame – Director / ‘Hamm’
  • Waiting For Godot – Director
  • Geography Of A Horse Dreamer
    — ‘The Doctor’
  • House – Director
  • This Is A Play (2010)
    — ‘Composer’ (voice)
  • Rougher Magic: A cubist Shakespeare
    — Writer
  • This Is A Play (2019)
    — ‘Composer’ (voice)
  • Robert Moore co-founded Nasty Shadows along with former student, Scott Shannon, when the two found themselves both living in Fredericton in mid-’99. As the Company’s theatrical leader in the early years, Robert’s example and knack for capturing the theatrical was responsible for Scott developing the understanding and continued enthusiasm to steer the Company in the direction it has followed in latter years. Robert has since stepped away from doing much work with Nasty Shadows; he has published three books of poetry in recent years, as well as being active directing and acting with the Saint John Theatre Company. A Nasty high point was having Robert on stage as ‘Hamm’ in the Company’s production of Endgame, which he also directed. House was the last Nasty show directed by Robert, after his 2nd on-stage performance earlier that year in Geography Of A Horse Dreamer (2008).

    Nasty Shadows would not be what it is without the guidance provided by Robert in the early years, and his continued peripheral interest. The Shadows were thrilled to return again to the island of Moore(‘s) Rougher Magic: A cubist Shakespeare in 2014, and Robert’s vocal talents will be on auditory display again this fall as the ‘Composer’ in our remount of This Is A Play (2019).

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