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After recently tackling the works of Nobel Prize winners Samuel Beckett & Harold Pinter, as well as various pieces by Canadian theatrical force Daniel MacIvor, Nasty Shadows has ventured into unchartered territory and created a theatrical adventure in-house: The Table Experiments is a play conceived and written by Scott Shannon, but was developed out of a very organic and involved process in collaboration with the actors, and then eventually the technicians working on the show.

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The Table Experiments in Saint John



written & directed by Scott Shannon

[Developed in rehearsal with the cast]

Performed by Becky Forbes, Michael Holmes-Lauder,
& Matthew Spinney

Technical Direction by Taylor Sinstadt
Poster Design by Alberto White & Anthony Ventresca

The Table Experiments in Fredericton


April 18th-20th (Mon-Wed)
Charlotte St. Arts Centre Auditorium
(2nd Floor – 732 Charlotte St.)

Tickets available at the door.
$12/adult; $8/student
Curtain time is 8pm.
(NOTE the early weekday run!)

April 15th-16th(Fri-Sat)
BMO Rehearsal Hall (SJTC Building 112 Princess St)

Tickets available at the door.
$15/adult; $10/student
Curtain time is **7:30pm.**
(NOTE the early start time!)

The SJ run is co-produced by the Saint John Theatre Company.

On the Table

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April 9th issue of Salon – Telegraph Journal:
On the Table >>>

Pull up a chair: It's The Table Experiments

Check out our coverage in this week’s
April 14th issue of HERE:
Pull up a chair: It’s The Table Experiments >>>


The Table Experiments

by Scott Shannon

The Table Experiments is a story about friendship — and knowing what we want. The telling of this story becomes an integral part of the friendship held by the three story tellers, and although it may take the length of the story for the tellers to actually realize their friendship, and how essential the telling was to that friendship’s continuation, it is nonetheless the telling of this story that explodes into a sense of infinite play – for actor and audience alike! – leading to a central question: Can’t kids just play forever?

Watch as Nasty Shadows Becky Forbes, Michael Holmes-Lauder, and Matthew Spinney run, hop, skip, jump, crawl, and even fly their way through this mysterious tale of childhood friendship. The aforementioned actors are directed by the writer in this premiere staging, with technical direction provided by Taylor Sinstadt.

Saint John Theatre Company has generously partnered with Nasty Shadows to help enable the run of the show in the Port City, and the Shadows look forward to playing in the new BMO Rehearsal Hall, inside the beautifully renovated Saint John Theatre Company Building.

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