Rougher Magic creates ‘Miranda 3′ (of 3)

Clarissa Hurley plays ‘MIRANDA 3’

Clarissa Hurley as Queen Caroline in The Art of Success

Clarissa Hurley as Queen Caroline in The Art of Success


  • The Art of Success – ‘Queen Caroline’
  • Rougher Magic: A cubist Shakespeare – ‘Miranda 3’
  • Clarissa Hurley’s first foray into the world of Nasty Shadows was playing the sexually-charged Queen in Nick Dear’s The Art of Success in an appropriately Nasty way. She has been active in theatre in Fredericton and Toronto for the past 25 years or so. Most recently, she has acted, dramaturged and directed with the NotaBle Acts Theatre Company and serves on their board of directors. Recent credits include The Lye Sandwich (Writer, NBActs), Christmas Break (Director, NBActs), The Nicest Place in England (‘Carrington’, NBActs), American Sunset (‘Agent Russo’, Feature film). Clarissa is a very welcome addition to the Shadows as we press forward into creating our own work. But first, ‘Miranda 3’ will find Clarissa breathing new life into our remount of Rougher Magic: A cubist Shakespeare.

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