Rougher Magic creates Miranda x3

Elizabeth Goodyear plays ‘MIRANDA 1’

Elizabeth Goodyear as 'Sarah Sprackling' in The Art of Success

Elizabeth Goodyear
as ‘Sarah Sprackling’
in The Art of Success


  • Orestes 2.1 – ‘Helen’
  • Marion Bridge – ‘Theresa’
  • Tooth of Crime (2nd Dance) – ‘Meera’ / ‘Ref’
  • The Art of Success – ‘Sarah Sprackling’
  • Rougher Magic: A cubist Shakespeare – ‘Miranda 1’
  • Elizabeth Goodyear as ‘Meera' in Tooth of Crime (2nd Dance)

    Elizabeth Goodyear as ‘Meera’
    in Tooth of Crime (2nd Dance)

    Elizabeth Goodyear has made a few appearances with Nasty Shadows, having first appeared as ‘Helen’ in the Company’s production of Orestes 2.1 in spring ’09. Recently quite active in other groups around town as well, she also appeared as ‘Theresa’ in the fall ’09 production of Marion Bridge. She was ‘Francesca’ in Theatre UNB’s production of Perfect Pie and she also performed with Bard in the Barracks, playing ‘Lady M’’s Gentlewoman in Macbeth and ‘(The Countess) Gloucester’ in King Lear. Tooth’s ‘Meera’ was a groovy departure from how we’ve seen Elizabeth in the past, and her haunting portrayal of Sarah Sprackling in The Art of Success will not soon be forgotten. The Company is all the better for having Elizabeth’s grace and authority on stage – ‘Miranda 1’ is about to school the others on this island of Rougher Magic.

    Julie MacDonald plays ‘MIRANDA 2’

    Julie MacDonald as 'Older Female Actor' in This Is A Play

    Julie MacDonald as
    ‘Older Female Actor’
    in This Is A Play


  • This Is A Play (2007 & 2010) – ‘Older Female Actor’
  • Marion Bridge – ‘Agnes’
  • The Art of Success – ‘Mrs. Needham’
  • Rougher Magic: A cubist Shakespeare – ‘Miranda 2’
  • Julie MacDonald has been in New Brunswick since 1984, and a Shadow since bringing ‘Older Female Actor’ to life in her first Nasty production, This Is A Play — staged in 2007 & again in 2010. Playing ‘Agnes’ in MacIvor’s Marion Bridge was a fitting role for her as she lived the first half of her life (thus far) in Ontario and was born in Toronto. Mother of 2, Scott and Monica, Julie works and lives in Fredericton. Since graduating from Arts with a Theatre Minor in 2006, where Julie performed in several shows with Theatre UNB, she has also acted with Theatre Free Radical (Free/Fall @ the 2004 Toronto Fringe; I Am Yours in Fredericton, 2006). Her last Nasty appearance found her as the brothel manager, ‘Mrs. Needham’, in the fall 2012 production of The Art of Success. Julie brings an honesty to the stage that welcomes both the audience and Shadows alike, and the Company is happy that integrity is part of our work. Julie’s upcoming portrayal of ‘Miranda 2’ in Rougher Magic: A cubist Shakespeare — the first female to bring the role to the stage — will offer a feminine depth heretofore unseen in this character.

    Clarissa Hurley plays ‘MIRANDA 3’

    Clarissa Hurley as Queen Caroline in The Art of Success

    Clarissa Hurley as Queen Caroline in The Art of Success


  • The Art of Success – ‘Queen Caroline’
  • Rougher Magic: A cubist Shakespeare – ‘Miranda 3’
  • Clarissa Hurley’s first foray into the world of Nasty Shadows was playing the sexually-charged Queen in Nick Dear’s The Art of Success in an appropriately Nasty way. She has been active in theatre in Fredericton and Toronto for the past 25 years or so. Most recently, she has acted, dramaturged and directed with the NotaBle Acts Theatre Company and serves on their board of directors. Recent credits include The Lye Sandwich (Writer, NBActs), Christmas Break (Director, NBActs), The Nicest Place in England (‘Carrington’, NBActs), American Sunset (‘Agent Russo’, Feature film). Clarissa is a very welcome addition to the Shadows as we press forward into creating our own work. But first, ‘Miranda 3’ will find Clarissa breathing new life into our remount of Rougher Magic: A cubist Shakespeare.

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