This Is A Play – Simon Peterson

written by Daniel MacIvor

Simon Peterson – ‘Male Actor’

Simon Peterson on set for A STORY JONES

Simon Peterson on set for A STORY JONES


“Relieved, I tell this cute little story about a dog I used to have. It’s not supposed to be here but it was cut from my first monologue and the writer and the director had a big fight about it and so I get to say it now. I think the writer really likes me … I finish off about the dog and I mention my brother and then I congratulate myself on my good acting. I see a casting director sitting in the third row. I wish they’d kept that part in where I take off my shirt.”


  • House (2018)
    — Technician
  • Ohio Impromptu
    — Technician
  • This Is A Play (2019)
    — ‘Male Actor’
    (In development)

  • A Story Jones
    — Assistant Stage Manager
    / Rehearsal stunt double for ‘Jones’
  • Standing At Opposite Ends Are Ducky & Murdock – ‘Murdock’
  • Simon Peterson is another new Shadow and a fresh 20 year old guy whose biggest passion is acting. This passion began when he was in elementary school doing a show put on for the parents, and never stopped after that. Simon was part of theatre clubs and went to a few festivals all through school. After graduation Simon worked on some films (Glitter and (=Can You Keep A Secret), andalso joined Branchout Productions appearing in many shows, notably The Crucible, and as ‘Mr Bingley’ in Pride and Prejudice. Simon is also no stranger to lending a hand with Tech work or stage hand work.

    Fall 2018 found Simon jumping in last minute to help run lights for the Fredericton production of Ohio Impromptu and House (2018) when the Shadows needed him — and now we won’t let him go! For A Story Jones Simon was valuable through the rehearsal process as a physical double for the character ‘Jones’, allowing Scott, who was directing and playing the role in the show to also step outside a given scene’s action and watch it in motion with Simon as ‘Jones’ — an invaluable tool in the rehearsal process for this show, along with Simon’s Assistant Stage Manager work helping to make the production a Nasty success. And so we are stoked to FINALLY get Simon on a Nasty stage this fall as the hilarious ‘Male Actor’ in Daniel MacIvor’s Canadian classic, This Is A Play (This Is A Play (2019) — he’s creating a great version of the role! We look forward to playing with Simon on/off stage into the future.

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