Action – Kat Hall

ACTION written by Sam Shepard

Kat Hall – ‘Liza’

Kat Hall (photo by unknown)

Kat Hall (photo by unknown)


“There’s no way of actually preparing. We’ll have to do the best with what we’ve got. We’re all eating now. At least we’re eating. We’ll have to gauge our hunger. Find out if we actually need food when we think we need it. Find out how much it takes to stay alive. Find out what it does to us. Find out what’s happening to us. Sometimes I think I know, but it’s only an idea. Sometimes I have the idea I know what’s happening to us. Sometimes I can’t see it. I go blind. Other times I don’t have any idea. I’m just eating.”


  • Action – ‘Liza’

  • A Beautiful View – ‘M’
  • Kat Hall is a Fredericton-raised multidisciplinary theatre artist based in the city. She started her theatre career at Theatre UNB in 2012, and has had the pleasure of working with many companies in town in the intermediary years. She’s most likely to be found on stage, but has also been known to direct, build props and set pieces, and even put her meager sewing skills to work for costuming. Most recent credits include ‘Titania’ in Bard in the Barrack’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, ‘Lady Bracknell’ in The Importance of Being Earnest, and ‘Sarah’ in The Gravitational Pull of Bernice Trimble. She’s delighted to be joining Nasty Shadows for the first time this year.

    And Nasty Shadows is delighted Kat is joining her first Shadow adventure this fall in the role of ‘Liza’ in Sam Shepard’s Action. Kat has a wonderfully natural presence on stage breathing a full life into this current role, and that presence will work perfectly in the upcoming Spring 2020 production of Daniel MacIvor’s 2 women drama A Beautiful View.

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